After boost CS 2 release in 2012, the difficulty of finding characters around the world has become one of the most popular feedback we have got. Since any map of the game includes a wide range of lighting and details, we have introduced a new graphics setting called ‘Boost Player Contrast,’ which is allowed by default, to increase the reading quality of all maps and locations, if viewed from a certain angle. That is a special post-process filter for stationary characters that provides spatial contrast, since characters are separated from the context.

  • Increases the contrast of character from far distances against the background.
  • Fortifies edge pixels for distance characters.
  • Creates a little blur to reduce background noise around a character.
  • Build a slight opposite halo around a character if the character and the setting are not colored.

In addition to the above improvements, we have modified the textures of some types of characters (and in certain situations we have personalized coarse mipmap levels) and have modified fog.

Fog is applied to characters and the rest of the world in boost   CS2 separately. We have reduced the fogging of all characters across all maps, to help characters stand out from the background on longer distances.

The characters look

The upgrade today will in most cases boost the character learning, but we know something needs to be done. Please contact us via the subject line Agent Read if you identify particular situations where the new tools do not help you. Take a peek at the case and a link to a picture. Among the most tournament play there is the 2 or CS2. The first-person shooter is a true testament to one’s skills and efficiency. The game’s quick-running, your characters aren’t shooting a lot and the newbies’ nuances are small.